Life-sized Doll

Photo Credit: unknown


This was composited from a bracketed set of test images I used in a tutorial to learn how to use Photomatix (so I think the photo may be courtesy of Trey Ratcliffe).

Using Photomatix all I could really do is composite a bracketed set of images together and tone map the HDR image.  I couldn’t create masks and couldn’t work on separate layers.  In Photomatix, once the image was generally what I wanted it to look like, I would export it back to Lightroom and/or Photoshop to finish.  But with Aurora, I have a ton of control (but there’s still a couple things I wish it could do).  Way better than what I did with Photomatix:


Tone mapped in Photomatix



There are still some problems:

  • Lamppost by the building is very blown out.  I needed to reduce that glare, as well as what was reflected into the street.
  • Headdress lighting is drab.
  • The gables on the building aren’t masked and take on too much of the blueness of the sky, rather than the whiteness of the building.
  • The bird low-flying bird near the doll’s head is a distraction.
  • The photobombing pigeon is a distraction.

I fixed the first two problems in Aurora, then exported to Luminar to fix the last two problems:




Finished product.  Still not the best that could be done, but I’m OK with this result of this test photo.